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    • Toronto
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    • Hamilton
    • Windsor
    • London
    • Mississauga
    • Detroit
    • Cleveland
    • Louisville
    • Indianapolis
    • Washington
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    • Boston
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Passenger App

Get your ride on the go with a single click now or book your ride for later schedule.

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Ride now or later

You can ride instantly with a click or you can schedule your ride.

Rate favorite/ban

Customer can Rate Driver & 1 Star Bans Driver, 5 Stars Option to favor

Card Payments

Customer can pay by card.

Fare Estimate & ETA

Fare Estimates and ETA of nearby driver to customer's location.

Customer Support Chat

Customer can chat to support agent by text to 1(833)PRO-CABY

SOS Panic Button

Inform your family & friends while you are in danger.

NO Surge Pricing

Trip prices will never surge any time. Our Promise

Cancel Trip

Customer can cancel trip with the reason of cancellation.

Wait time charges

Additional charges will be applied on waiting time.

Favorite Location

Customer can add Work & Home as favorite location.

Real Time Driver's Status

Customer gets real time driver status like, on the way, arrived, etc.

Corporate Groups and Family Groups

You can invite Members and pay for them without sharing private info.


Unifying Taxi and Limo, drivers and Companies, Globally! Providing exceptional Professional Service to our Passengers. If you are a Taxi or Limo Company Executive Officer, make a smart move be the first to add your fleet and get free Shares simply by encouraging your drivers to signup and if you are a Driver go on and signup!


100% profit on CASH fares!
MIN 92.9% up to 110% Profit on Credit Card charged Fares! Who has ever heard of this?!?
Gain more business!
Benefit from FREE advertising!
GAIN An Edge on the Competition! Whether it be other fleets, or Ride Share Apps!
You get to stay in business!
And GAIN FREE SHARES in ProCabby! (Terms and Conditions apply)

Honestly the benefits can go on and on, you need to give us a try, we guarantee that you will not be charged a penny until you start making money, and even then we charge the Credit card amount that the credit card charges you, all you need to do, is download and register with your banking information and be ready to take calls. After everything you have lost in this economy, this is the best opportunity for you, make a shift and stop that losing streak to become a winner again!

You want to know more and decide why Should you download the App?
The obvious! It's a great App! It's a movement! IT'S YOUR RIGHT AS A TAXI DRIVER!
Neutral Central Dispatch System: Our custom built algorithm giving the call to the closest driver, no backdoors no changes, no access.
A Market shifter: Built to scale with incredible speed, ProCabby is here to tip the scales back to the Taxi and Limo drivers giving them the technology competitive edge they need
Fair Wages: The custom built soft meter, uses Google Mapping to calculate distances and charges. We have been using it for 4 years and its 97% as accurate as a regular meter. We only put the prices that are approved by the city for the Taxi, and slightly less to make sure we don’t over charge the clients and so that you make your living
Security: We are proud to say that we have worked extremely hard to make sure everything is as secure as a bank!
Transparency: is one of the most important values we hold and operate with at all times.
and Equities: Simply be the first of a few to signup, and get shares for free, benefiting Taxi Operators drivers and company owners alike!

We strongly encourage Taxi and Limo drivers to engage their fellow drivers as well as their management company as the more drivers we have, and more companies come together, to better service our passengers, the more likely drivers can regain some of the lost business due to ride shares. We are limiting Shares being awarded to the first Two (2) Taxi OR Limo companies or 100 Active drivers Per City.. Don't wait as it could become too late, you will gain equity in ProCabby for simply continuing to do what you are already doing, and getting more business and fares! Download and complete your registration today! We remain in our infancy stages, however based on the driver signups spots are filling out fast. Act now! Download and signup now!
For more information contact us today at 1(833)776-2229

(Updated Jan 2021)

Check out Android App Check out iOS App

ProCabby Driver signup

Step by Step - Signup tutorial ProCabby Youtube

Document Uploading

Upload required documents securely through the App.

Auto Offline when Idle

Driver goes offline automatically after warning, when idle.

Interactive Map

Interactive Map & real time car transition on map.


Google Maps Navigation capabilties.

RATE Favorite/BAN

Unique Rating System - 1 star bans user from driver radar - 5 Star favorite


Driver can see his earnings in the App. Get paid daily (Net 7)!


Rigorous Driver Approval Process. Documents submitted before approval.

Driver Support Chat

Support via text to 1(833)PRO-CABY or via Email:

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