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    Passenger App

    Get your ride on the go with a single click now or book your ride for later schedule.

    Check out Android App Check out iOS App

    Ride now or later

    You can ride instantly with a click or you can schedule your ride.

    Rate favorite/ban

    Customer can Rate Driver & 1 Star Bans Driver, 5 Stars Option to favor

    Card Payments

    Customer can pay by card.

    Fare Estimate & ETA

    Fare Estimates and ETA of nearby driver to customer's location.

    Customer Support Chat

    Customer can chat to support agent by text to 1(833)PRO-CABY

    SOS Panic Button

    Inform your family & friends while you are in danger.

    NO Surge Pricing

    Trip prices will never surge any time. Our Promise

    Cancel Trip

    Customer can cancel trip with the reason of cancellation.

    Wait time charges

    Additional charges will be applied on waiting time.

    Favorite Location

    Customer can add Work & Home as favorite location.

    Real Time Driver's Status

    Customer gets real time driver status like, on the way, arrived, etc.

    Corporate Groups and Family Groups

    You can invite Members and pay for them without sharing private info.

    Driver App

    The Only App built by Taxi drivers for Taxi drivers globally! Contact us to add your City at 1(833)776-2229. We operate with neutrality to all Taxi companies, giving a competitive edge, fair wages, security, transparency, and equity, benefiting Taxi drivers everywhere! We encourage Taxi drivers that have to deal with company policies to discuss with their management to allow them to use this app. To maintain Quality of Service we are limiting registration spots to 100 drivers per city.(subject for review). Don't wait as it could be too late! Download and complete your registration today!

    Check out Android App Check out iOS App

    ProCabby Driver signup

    Step by Step - Signup tutorial ProCabby Youtube

    Document Uploading

    Upload required documents securely through the App.

    Auto Offline when Idle

    Driver goes offline automatically after warning, when idle.

    Interactive Map

    Interactive Map & real time car transition on map.


    Google Maps Navigation capabilties.

    RATE Favorite/BAN

    Unique Rating System - 1 star bans user from driver radar - 5 Star favorite


    Driver can see his earnings in the App. Get paid daily (Net 7)!


    Rigorous Driver Approval Process. Documents submitted before approval.

    Driver Support Chat

    Support via text to 1(833)PRO-CABY or via Email:

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